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This space is open to the floor for any general comments, suggestions and ideas as well as random thoughts that are too short to post on the front page. Feel free to voice your opinion and thoughts below.


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  1. Clark says:

    It appears to me that your thesis study is of one that is already realized. You took a point of view which hindered your thesis study beyond a planular level. If you think of interaction in a 3-D manner, you would realize interaction has already been resolved through program. The now typical solution for most sites as being mixed use is the resolution to your thesis. Perhaps there is more to the picture I missed. And just a suggestion, but perhaps you should pick a site that truly poses a challenge. Investigating sites in African or Middle Eastern cities could further your thesis study.

  2. Nicholas Ng says:

    You have a valid point. However due to the project being at such an early stage, ideas are a bit vague and most has not been resolved. But I don’t necessary agree that the full level of interaction between the public and private has been resolved through program, not in the level of government/civic and public for example. The ideas I’m planning to explore is not to create and explore yet another mixed use solution, but to explore the organization and reorganization of mixed use program in an urban environment. The typical mixed use program for urban planners have been retail/commercial at the bottom, residential at the top. I question flipping the two or adding another element between the two components, etc.

    Regarding the site, I’m still looking for one. Not sure yet, but the nature of the program school requires a strong argument for sites that are not easily accessible. The site needs to be documented really well, with culture, zoning issues etc. and I’d love to explore a site outside what I have access too but most importantly, for my own sanity and the quest for a client, it has to be local.

  3. danielle says:

    being that i am here, way over on the other side of the pond in dubai, if there is something that i can help with as far as going out and documenting a site, zoning issues, etc. we are certainly the group to help you.. giuseppe and wayde know how to get to anything/everything as far as public record goes and have great connections here as well, as high up as the sheikh perhaps…let me know.. i am interested in what clark said here – people have done palestine, africa, etc. in thesis before, so go for it if you want/need!!! good luck and thanks for posting all this stuff, it is fun for me to follow.. 🙂
    (ps. even if you don’t want to have your site over seas, but would like to use an example that can be recorded in detail, i am here, pregnant and not working so i will be happy to help with images, etc.)

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