Civic Mutations

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This page lists the books I’m referencing for my projects. Any comments or further readings are helpful.

  1. Networked Publics / ISBN:9780262220859
  2. Far from Equilibrium: Essays on Technology and Design Culture / ISBN: 9788496540644
  3. Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design / ISBN:1902902629
  4. Shrinking Cities (Volume 2: Interventions) / ISBN:9783775717113
  5. Meydan Shopping Square: A New Prototype by FOA / ISBN:9783939633303
  6. The Endless City: The Urban Age Project by the LSE and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society / ISBN: 9780714848204
  7. The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs / ISBN:9780679741954
  8. The Social Logic of Space / ISBN:9780521367844
  9. The 100 Mile City / ISBN: 9780156423571
  10. (Open) Hybrid Space: 2006/No.11 / ISBN: 978905662536
  11. Connection – VERB / ISBN:8495951061
  12. The Fall of Public Man / ISBN:9780393308792
  13. E-Topia / ISBN: 9780262632058
The current list deals a lot with cities and sociology and both are subjects and references I like to spark my ideas with. I think architecture has a great affect to our society, I don’t necessary agree that architecture is the cause of social malaise yet I also don’t necessary agree that architecture is the solution to the well-being of our society, however, architecture affects our daily life in ways that we take for granted everyday.

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  1. mjgrogan says:

    You might also look at Richard Sennent’s The Consciousness of the Eye [especially regarding a comment about the best urban playgrounds as simple and not-designed]

    Also the Tcshumi books – Event City series and Architecture and Disjunction
    The other two Mitchell digital-nerd-urbanism books are good
    Peter Rowe’s Civic Realism might be useful

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