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Well, after weeks of long nights, it has come down to these 40 pages. I can’t believe the whole process felt so short, for a requirement that is so dense. Click on the image above to download a PDF copy of the proposal. My final thoughts are mixed. There are a few important key points that I thought will be good to carry through the whole project, whether I can pull it off is another story. I’ll post a summary and general comments on the final document, but for now, I have to take a step back and clear my mind, away from the project.

UPDATE: Proposal have been moved to the Thesis Proposal page. Click on the link at right.

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Open to All

The two illustration below portrays the concept diagram of the conventional and new method of interaction. In the first scenario, spaces are organized within an enclosed structure. Interaction between parties are limited to the paths within the confined area.

Conventional Method of Interaction in Spaces

Spatial Relationship in Conventional Method of Interaction

The people in gray represent public figures, thus the scenario above does not allow any spatial relationship and interaction with the general public.

New Method of Interaction in Spaces

Spatial Relationship in New Method of Interaction

In the scenario above, spatial and social relationship between private and public figures are explored and integrated with public life. At the moment, I don’t have a program to support this relationship between public and private. Suggestion such as a supermarket and a civic center like a courthouse have been made to me, but I’m not fully committed to that idea yet, however, shopping mall/retail is one direction I’m leaning towards. Because the final building will be a mixed use development, I’m not particularly sure what’s a suitable program to go along with a shopping mall that will support my thesis. Maybe a hostel or dormitory?

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Nodes and Connections

Concept Model - Angle 3

First Concept Model

In my last post, the last part on a multiple level courtyard is where I’m thinking of expanding my thesis. The model below is a second iteration of the first concept model I created a few weeks ago. Unlike the first model, (shown in black and white above) the second piece begins to explore connections within a core. In the second model below, the red dot indicates the organic core, created by crossing paths from corners of the cube. An intentional new node is created on the lower right.

Exploration of nodes and connections.

Concept Model: Exploration of nodes and connections.

What does that says? I’m not exactly sure, but throughout the process of creating the second node, the only direct connection it has to the core is on the line where I created the second node but even though I may have started the new node by cutting the line in half,  I’ve created new direct connections to the main core by passing through the second node. The idea is quite interesting and though I might have interrupted the main path, but I’ve also created an agent that could spread out by itself.

The Second Node

The Second Node

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Random Shots

Beginning sketch of a node and connections

Beginning sketch of a node and connections

Concept Model - Angle 1

Concept Model - Angle 1

Concept Model - Angle 2

Concept Model - Angle 2

Concept Model - Angle 3

Concept Model - Angle 3

Started to give more thought and focus on the big idea for my thesis and it is heading towards a direction which explores the idea of a node its connections. The idea also explores the role of architecture and its influence to the urban fabric by the connections and interactions within the social communities.

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