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Preliminary Design

Felt guilty that I haven’t been posting or doing anything for the past week, but I’ve been working on a few schemes for my review next Thursday. The three below are really rough ideas at the moment and I think it’ll change in the next few days as I go over them.

Scheme One


Idea One propose an investigation based on the infrastructure of a building. The long bar acts as a permanent core strip that contains mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems while acting as an arcade/corridor for the public, more or less like a power strip where the developer/retailer can ‘plug’ into the strip ready for business.

Scheme Two

Idea Two

Idea Two splits the program pieces into individual buildings, connected only by exterior courtyards and small cuts between the buildings.

Scheme Three

Idea Three

Idea Three is a singular structure where the proposed programs share a component between each other, thus eliminating the need for additional resource. In this case, the scenario above contains a museum, hotel and retail components. The museum shares a public theater with the hotel, and the retail component is placed strategically to serve both the museum and hotel. These components can also operate individually at different times.

Think I prefer the second as a plan, but before deciding on anything concrete, I need to sketchup up some models and supporting materials for the review next week.

Update: Found a new direction. Back to the drawing board again. New post should be up by Sunday night.


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Thesis Site – Part II

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Draft for Intro


Working on a draft on what to present for next week. Everything seems okay, but I know there’s some inconsistency and lack of focus with the topic. This week’s task will be revising the thesis abstract – to reflect on the issues that pertains to an open architecture based on the idea of sharing.

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Progress-Scale Comparison Analysis

Scale comparison analysis

Work in Progress: Scale comparison analysis

Technically I shouldn’t really be posting this since it is still in progress, but the idea behind this was to show a chronological progression of a few example of urban spaces in relationship to my thesis site at the Bulfinch Triangle. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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