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Los Angeles Art Week


Am in LA for the rest of the week. Intro review went pretty well last Wednesday, hopefully I’ll be able to edit and write up the comments that I recorded during the discussion. In the meantime, I’ll be posting up a few bits and pieces of LA during the course of the week. Some inspiration images, perhaps and photos from Postopolis


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Came up with the program late last night and here it is. It’s not perfect yet, but I think those are the main components which I’ll be exploring.


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Draft for Intro – II

Intro Review is in one day this coming Wednesday and I have some really, really last minute changes and new ideas and diagrams that I have to produce. But I think it’ll add to a good discussion this Wednesday. Some boards still in progress.


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Thesis Site – Part II

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Part of a Process – 2


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Part of a Process – 1

A different thought in searching for a distinctive program that’d be appropriate and provide a stronger argument. Rather than looking into relationship between users, what is the relationship between the platform and the users themselves.

Facebook Diagram(Top) Facebook Diagram

Twitter Diagram(Top) Twitter Diagram

linkedin-structure-diagram(Top) LinkedIn Diagram

dating_sites-structure-diagram(Top) Dating Sites Diagram (i.e.

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Thesis Site – Part I

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Proposed thesis project site. Recorded on March 8 between 5.30pm – 6.00pm.

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Draft for Intro


Working on a draft on what to present for next week. Everything seems okay, but I know there’s some inconsistency and lack of focus with the topic. This week’s task will be revising the thesis abstract – to reflect on the issues that pertains to an open architecture based on the idea of sharing.

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The Human Network

I’ve been following David Armano’s blog for a while now and find his presentation to be quite informative, and this one below is no exception.

View more presentations from David Armano. (tags: behavior human)

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Progress: Diagram

twitter-diagram1Looks like the diagram for Twitter is more straightforward than the one for Facebook, but is it communicating what I intended? Hmmm … back to the drawing board again.

Update: Added a YouTube Diagram below.


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