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Thesis Studio at the BAC


My spot inside Thesis Studio (sharing with another student)

It may be a bit late to say that the school’s semester just started (classes started two weeks ago), but I can say that thesis semester just started – for me at least. Unless something else changes, the picture above will be where I’ll be exchanging information with fellow classmates, friends and family for the next year. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. Not much have progress in my thesis project yet, I’ve managed to discuss my proposal with my Thesis Representative – Arturo Vasquez and was able to get some good feedback from it.

Nolli Plan Detail of the Pantheon

Nolli Plan Detail of the Pantheon

For the past few days, I’ve been collecting Google Earth images and drawing up figure ground plans (much like the Nolli Plan above) for different public spaces in comparison to my thesis site. Apart from a scale comparison, the chosen sites are a collection of modern and classical public squares to reflect the different purpose it serves and their relationship between its period in time. Other than that, it provides a historical point of view and precedent studies on current civic spaces.

What challenges lies ahead for a new formation of civic spaces? Our current modern life have been heavily affected by digital technology, should our civic spaces mutate to reflect our lifestyle this generation?


Scale comparison of civic spaces


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