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Architectural Determinism

Found this while reading a book edited by Robert Gutman of People and Buildings. 

” The architect who builds a house or designs a site plan, who decides where the roads will and will not go, and who decides which directions the houses will face and how close together they will be, also is, to a large extent, deciding the pattern of social life among the people who will live in these houses.”

It asserts that architectural design has a direct and determinate effect on the way people behave. It implies a one-way process in which physical environment is the independent, and human behavior the dependent variable. It suggests that those human beings for whom architects and planners create their designs are simply moulded by the environment which is provided for them. 

– Maurice Broady, People and Buildings: Social Theory in Architectural Design pg. 174




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A New Chapter


Another semester has come and gone, and it is time to reflect on the whole process during the past few weeks. As some of you may noticed, I’ve decided to update the layout on the blog to reflect a new chapter in the thesis process. In two weeks, I’ll be heading to California to ring in the new year. It’ll be mostly a family reunion, but I’ll be documenting my trip on 

Happy Holidays!

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Thesis is here!

Well, after weeks of long nights, it has come down to these 40 pages. I can’t believe the whole process felt so short, for a requirement that is so dense. Click on the image above to download a PDF copy of the proposal. My final thoughts are mixed. There are a few important key points that I thought will be good to carry through the whole project, whether I can pull it off is another story. I’ll post a summary and general comments on the final document, but for now, I have to take a step back and clear my mind, away from the project.

UPDATE: Proposal have been moved to the Thesis Proposal page. Click on the link at right.

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