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Performing for who?

In one of the assignment in Thesis Seminar, we were asked to write a piece on performance programming. The assignment is meant to illustrate in words the emotional aspect of the most important designed space relating to our thesis. Below is a narrative piece of the spatial experience as I imagined a stranger would experience.

[I hear conversation pieces around me yet I don’t feel the presence of human contact. I see people walking, running and some casually standing still looking out the window, but I do not hear voices between them.]

I stumbled upon a path which led me to the scene described above, however, I did not notice any sign of entering a new territory. The space seems new with its choice of warm materials, and the transparent quality and opaqueness it portrays appears to be rather familiar yet surreal. The structure doesn’t seem to belong there, although it felt like it has been standing there for centuries. Moving through the space, it brought back memories of the four season I used to missed when I was a child; growing up in a neighborhood where a bunch of us would gather everyday after school for a game of catch on the streets, and in the winter months, we would attack each other with snowball fights. At home I would be sitting near the window, watching the leaves fall and waiting for the first snowflake of the season. I felt right at home in that space. A few steps up, coupled with a cup of coffee in one hand and a croissant in another, I found a quiet nook. I sat down and looked down to the plaza below. At that moment, I knew Christmas was just around the corner as the truck below begins to unload the different variety of pine trees waiting for the right home. I gazed at the man loading the truck till a beeping sound from my phone startled me. My friend had sent me a text message and asked me to look to the left. And there he was, standing there waving and pointing to his watch. I was late for the show we had planned to attend. I rushed to the nearest staircase, greeted my friend and headed into the hall downstairs.

Update: Nov 15

It is now Saturday morning around 5, and I’m still up prepping for a thesis intro exhibition opening Monday night. Much to do.


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