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Urban Remix

This is in no way the design of the building, but rather a concept diagram on how I envision programs will be stacked and placed. The idea is pretty straightforward, a mixed use of different programs, highlighting different period of the day. 

Urban Re-mix Building Block - Angle 1

Urban Re-mix Building Block - Angle 1

Urban Re-mix Building Block - Angle 2

Urban Re-mix Building Block - Angle 2

So, the two images above are two different views. Components are rather straightforward, a courtyard building, with an internal public spine (open to all -24/7), government offices, residential/dormitory and a retail component on the rooftop. Again, I want to stress that this is just a concept, and not the design of the building, but I think it gets the point across.

Also a reaction to some comments made, I’m not in anyway challenging and define the idea of mixed use. Mixed use is mixed use, a basic component in urban planning typologies. However, what I’m challenging in my thesis is the components of mixed use, public and private uses and the connections between them and how it can affect the life of a building. As for the site, I wish I am able to explore places beyond what my daily budget and transportation can provide me as the school is rather strict on proper documentation of the proposed site. If I were to choose a site say in Africa, I’d have to either take a leave of absence, live there and explore the culture for 3-6 months, document it and design my building as well as looking for a client to support my argument. For my sanity, I’ve decided to choose a path that will work well with my schedule and accessibility.

Update: I apologize if this post sounds a bit frantic as it was written after a long day at one in the morning. I’ll edit it when I get a chance.


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