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An Outline

It has been a long week trying to gather my thoughts and handing in a summary outline of our thesis to the committee for review. Below is an excerpt from the report.


State the issues, concepts, and questions that are central to your thesis. Discuss your thesis in abstract terms.

Urban planning as part of the built environment has been an intriguing field of study to me. Through my terms in school, with research, writing and reading that I’ve come across, I began to question the idea behind urban planning. Sure in the past, utopia was known as the ideal world to live in, with many architects in the early 20th century like Team X, Archigram, etc. writing manifestoes and creating master plan for the perfect community. But what went wrong? Why didn’t their plan work? Could our social pattern and logic somehow prevented Utopia from happening? Can architecture instead of urban planning solve the issue for the search of utopia idealism? …

… The issues, concepts and questions to my thesis are based on the understanding and relationship between architecture and urban planning. Issues on our current social framework, securities and economic problems will be explored through the act of building. The concept takes the investigation of the issues further by linking it to the built environment. Questions on social issues and behavior, the connections between urban planning and architecture, social networking and architecture and the impact it creates as well as the results it shapes will be asked and explored.

In abstract terms, my thesis will use the current social network framework like Facebook, explore the virtual connection to the community it possesses to the physical environment, and using my findings, investigate the role of a building as a node, creating a central location and an architecture that is an agent or a device to the urban fabric at large.


Discuss why you chose your program. How is this program a vehicle for the development of the concepts and ideas behind your thesis? Discuss your program in abstract terms.

I have not determined what my program will be. Ideally the building will be of mixed use and initial thoughts includes a hostel with residential or hotel, retail and government offices or civic places, i.e. courthouse housed in a single complex. As an idea to create density in city and prevent sprawling, other thoughts involve reassessing the idea of a public square and relate the idea of a square into a courtyard of multiple levels serving as a public core in a private complex.


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